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Sue Hatcher encounter Christ in teenage her life radically changed. She served in her church as youth pastor, and women ministry in her teenage. she has a passion to demonstrate the Kingdom of God’s love through deliverance, healing, miracles and through prophetic operation. She has a heart to activate and see others realize and fulfill their destiny and purpose. Sue has a mandate to bring hope to the hopeless on a national and international scale. Sue Hatcher has traveled locally, nationally and internationally to teach, preach and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ.
She has experience in pastoral ministry, church leadership and marketplace ministry. Sue graduated from Christ for the nations 1996.
Sue Hatcher is founder of Nations Impact Ministries Inc., a 501(c)(3) Nations Impact is a non-denominational ministry design to make disciples from all walks of life, Sue believe empowering women to escape poverty and abuse by equipping them to become self-sustained. . In many parts of world, women are believed to be second class citizens. 1 out of 4 women suffer from domestic violence, and 1 out of 5 will be raped at least once in their lifetime. Widows are abandoned by their extended family and left with no means to provide for their children. This trend must be stopped. she began to pray about God’s women, for Chinese, African, European, Asian and American women. Around the world she have observed women broken and bound by varying cultures and differing national or religious customs. My passionate is to search out and call out women whom God has created in His own image, His ideal for womanhood. I will never stop seeking to build a biblical foundation for helping women to discover conclusively that there is total salvation, divine dignity, quality, self-esteem and unlimited ministry for women in the body of Christ. The Lord has a desire to see a company of His daughters rise up from the broken-hearted ashes of this generation and be totally consumed with Jesus and without fear or limitations with hope and captured by their love for the One who redeemed them and set them free!
Empowering them by the Holy Spirit to carry vision and anointing for freedom. She believes this young generation is the one God has Mark to fill the earth with His glory.
The ministry is for all ages as we also equip a generation of spiritual mothers to nurture and release the dreams of the youth. She also believe the Lord will reveal new patterns for missions and the church to disciple cities through marketplace and to disciple nations through other spheres of cultural influence.
Nations Impact is a global itinerant ministry organized to function on a local, national and international scale by teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ by inviting churches and organizations.
More specifically, Nations Impact delivers charitable distributions to those in need, organizes and leads volunteer missions trips to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sue Hatcher driving passion is to rescue lives spiritually, physically and to see communities transformed by the power of the all-encompassing gospel of the Kingdom of God. Because God’s heart is with the poor, the widow, the orphan and the outcast, Nations Impact goes to the most vulnerable in the developing world with a message of hope, practical and supernatural expressions of God’s love, compassion and power, and a commitment to come alongside- working together for lasting change.

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