But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a
better covenant, which was established on better promises.” – Hebrews 8:6

Together. Connected.
the Power of Many



André and Dienie Kotze are business and ministry leaders from South Africa. They have been married for 33 years and have 2 adult children who are with them in business and ministry. They founded a Non Profit Orginization – Healing Leaves – through which they serve the vulnerable and abused people in their community. Together they minister in their own Nation, but also internationally, teaching and sharing the heart of the Father prophetically. They have a heart for the restoration of families and they are spiritaul parents to many. André and Dienie are Kingdom pioneers who’s desire it is to equip people with the realities of Kingdom living.



My wife and I were called to Germany after spending 7 years ministering and growing a church plant in the streets of South Florida to the homeless and addicts. God has sent us Europe to bring healing and to grow men and women to respond to God’s voice and teach others to do the same. To grow people to be Jesus wherever they are.

We are both originally from Delaware in the United States and spent 18 years in South Florida before coming to Germany. We now currently lead a church in Rheinfelden, Germany and have been there for three years.



My name is Birgitta Sjöström Aasa and I live with my family on the westcoast of Sweden, in Halmstad. After being a stationery minister for many years in a movement inside of the Church of Sweden called EFS, I became an itinerant minister to different churches in Sweden for the last three years. My passion is to see God move and see people take one more step with him, whether it’s their first or if they have followed Jesus for a long time. I am also an author of “Upprättelse och helande”, a book about inner healing through prayer.



I was born in Lima, Peru to Scottish parents who lived there for 8 years. My family returned to Scotland, UK, when I was 6 years old and I lived in the UK until 2009, when I moved to Canada. My life began to rollercoaster out of control in my teens until I was dramatically converted to faith in Jesus Christ when I was 18 years old.

I have always had an interest in history, archeology, psychology and theology yet I dislike “dry” intellectualism, and my life has been impacted in a powerful way by seeing, experiencing, and being used by God in prophecy, dreams, visions, healing, and supernatural events. I have two sons who still live in the UK. God has blessed, grown, and transformed our church and opened the door to many new opportunities in the last few years and we are excited about what God still has in store for us.



Maria and Bertil Dolfén is the founders and part of the leadership team in Folkkyrkan, Borås.

The Church started around 6 years ago with a purpose to reach people outside the church walls and are regularly going out on the streets to serve the people of Borås with Coffee, talk and prayers. Bertil has been trained in the Bible School of John. G. Lake Ministries and also in the Welton Academy (all four tracks).

Bertil is also trying to get deep in to the study of the bible and is strongly advising people not to put the bible over The Holy Spirit! It is The Holy Spirit that is going to teach us all, not the bible! To study the bible under the guidance of The Holy Spirit is though a fantastic journey killing a lot of sacred cows.



We are a married couple since -91 and have two beautiful daughters now 16 and 21 years old. For the first time in 21 years none of our kids live at home as they are in Christian boarding school and Hillsong College.

It is a new time and a new day with a balance of getting closer to Him in our daily walk at the same time studying and being part of a new church home in Thisted.

We have known the Lord our whole life but a new fire in our life called to the John G. Lake Ministry as overseers of the Europe from 2013 to 2016. We have been travelling teaching in the topics of divine healing and our identity in Him.